Aier Eye Hospital Group is a linked eye hospital group with the most competitive force in China holding 20 professional eye hospitals and. The group is striving for the first-class international ophthalmologic technology and management applying professional, large-scale and scientific developmental strategy, combing domestic and foreign cooperation partners, to promote the development of Chinese ophthalmology medical treatment.
Through continual practice and exploration, combining the international advanced management experiences and successful operation methods, the group attracts and cultures a group of management talents with advanced management experiences and creative spirits, a group of technology talents with excellent skills and meticulous learning habits, as well as one set of management mode of linked eye hospitals being suitable for the Chinese medical reform and market environment. The creative successful management mode was appraised as “AIER Phenomenon” in Chinese medical treatment field by domestic and foreign colleagues. In 2006, Aier Eye Hospital Group was honored as “The Most Characteristical and Fully Rreinforced Eye Hospital Group in China”.
  Aier Eye Hospital Group always pursuits the unity and hormony of social responsibility and self development, and participates in the construction of harmony society by developing activities for blinds, for public welfare, and for social vulnerable groups. In continually several years, Aier Eye Hospital Group has developed a series of public welfare activities for eye disease patients in poor areas of China combining other colleagues in all fields, which won the public appraises from the government and the whole society.
The aim of the Group struggling for: Participation in the construction of Love Society with cooperation partners by love and passion making all persons enjoy the rights of eye health regardless of the poverty or the wealth.
With the promotion of Chinese medical treatment reform, Aier Eye Hospital Group will take the spirit of “Responsibility, Cooperation, Innovation, Dedication” continually to promote the internal competitive force by the brand-new linked management mode, to strengthen the construction of service network of Aier Eye Hospital Group in China, to improve the force of management, medical treatment, scientific research and teaching, to build the Aier Eye Hospital Group into a first-class international linked medical treatment brand.
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